Illustrated by Andy Catling


Andy Catling is a professional illustrator with more than 50 illustrated titles under his belt. He has worked for many publishers, including Oxford University Press, Caterpillar books, Quarto, Harper, and Lion Hudson. 

Andy works in traditional and digital mediums. If a story has dragons, knights, pirates, monsters or the like, then Andy will want to illustrate it!

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Edited by Brandon Seyferth


Brandon Seyferth has written songs, performed, and recorded with such notable names as Jackson Browne, Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes), Eric McFadden (dubbed "modern day Jimmy Hendrix" by Guitar Player Magazine), Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins) and Geri X ("Best of Indie," Rolling Stone Magazine, Bulgaria). His work has appeared on large market radio, including Chicago's WXRT.

Brandon has also composed, performed, and recorded music for short films selected and nominated for award at film festivals including The Sanford Film Festival and the International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles.

Brandon was instrumental in helping The Smallest Giant maintain a consistent meter.

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Illustrated by Rachel Roberts


Rachel Roberts is an Australian illustrator, who uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create her illustrations. 

Rachel's clients include Odyssey Books, New Moon Girls Magazine, and Horizon Publishing Group.  Her work has been selected for The University of Edinburgh's Dangerous Women Project.  

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Edited by Odyssey Books


Odyssey Books is committed to publishing engaging and beautifully written books. Odyssey Books is known to publish books that stretch the imagination, challenge preexisting attitudes and beliefs, or take readers to far-flung destinations.

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