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About the Book


We all know how critical reading is to a child's development. Yet, we also know how challenging it can be to get our kids to lay off the electronic devices and practice their reading. 

What's the solve? How about a book that explores why reading continues to be special in a digital world.    

Books Don't Need Batteries tells the story of how Paige, a living book, finds a way to compete with Sal, a resident mobile phone. Sal's so impressed with himself and attention-seeking (unfortunately, just like a real smart phone), it's hard for Paige to be heard.    

In a world besotted with devices, Books Don't Need Batteries is a story that resonates with parents and kids alike. 

About the Author


Sonny Evans grew up in the Corn Belt but always dreamed of traveling to the Far East. After spending several years in Asia, he returned to the Midwest, with a beautiful wife and two small children. 

Believing in the power of imagination and the utility of reading, Sonny set out to write a story that would impart those messages to his kids.  

When Sonny’s not working at his day job, he enjoys playing the guitar, coaching baseball, and swimming in his brother’s pool.