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  "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." 

― Emilie Buchwald 

sonny evans

Sonny Evans grew up in the Corn Belt but always dreamed of traveling to the Far East. 

After spending several years in Asia, he returned to the Midwest, with a beautiful wife and two small children.


Believing in the power of imagination and the utility of reading, Sonny set out to write stories that would impart positive messages to his kids.


When Sonny’s not working at his day job, he enjoys playing the guitar, coaching baseball, and swimming in his brother’s pool.   

books by sonny evans


Giants afraid of people? Midge must learn to be a proper giant. And she won't let her small size stand in the way. But after struggling at giant school to learn the self-defense moves that will keep her safe people, Midge decides to take matters into her own hands.  What else can this undersized giant do?


Paige, a living book, finds a way to compete with Sal, a mean mobile phone. Sal's so impressed with himself, it's hard for Paige to be heard. Believing in the power of imagination, Paige shows us why books continue to be special in our digital world.

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